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Carmen Sulaiman, Arab Idol 2012 Winner

Carmen Sulaiman, Arab Idol 2012 Winner



Arab Idol آراب أيدول, is an Arabic television show based on the popular British show Pop Idol created by Simon Fuller's 19 Entertainment and developed by Fremantle Media. The first season of the show debut on 9 December 2011 and broadcast worldwide on MBC 1, a Pan Arab television station.

This season is hosted by the Kuwaiti actor Abdallah Tulehi and the Lebanese model Annabella Hilal. The show also airs on LBC at the same time. Egyptian contestant Carmen Sulaiman has won the title of Arab Idol 2012.

Carmen Suleiman (Arabic : كارمن سليمان ) (born on October 7th 1994 in Cairo, Egypt) is a Egyptian singer who rose to popularity around the world as the winner of Season 1 of Arab Idol (the Arabic version of Pop Idol) on MBC. She won against Morrocan contestant Dounia Batma.

Carmen Suleiman began as a talented girl, she was born in a musical family as her mother was singing but the latter didn't take up singing profession, Her mother encouraged her and found Carmen talented and let her take part in several competitions such as "Modern Star" and Arab Idol which became her big step in her career uptilll now.

""Carmen"" was awarded the award of Supreme Council of Culture in Egypt for the best voice sub-16 years old, Hani Shaker, a famous Egyptian singer, introduced her in his concert in Opera House in Egypt and expressed his admiration of her voice. Helmy Bakr, a famous composer in Egypt, when he was asked in a famous television program about a new entertainment talented face he would introduce, said "There's a very beautiful girl with a very amazing voice, seems like a miracle from heaven, she sings with her mother, and I expect an amazing career for her".