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"Sakteen Sakteen"(rester silencieux) - Amir Eid

"Sakteen Sakteen"(rester silencieux) - Amir Eid


This song  of Amir Eid is a reaction and an expression of what is going on around us in the Egyptian society.

It's not about being negative or positive its about being real and this is rare on the music seen now. For me Amir Eid is yet a legend and have a real talent.

Born in Maadi, in November 26, 1983, Amir has started taking up music seriously after he and his other band members decided to take their band into a different level, He listened to various types of music, but was influenced by western Rock & Roll. he's always eager to explore new ideas that might deliver powerful messages to people. His voice tends to be rather fragile, comforting at the same time quite vibrant. 

Amir is quite an intelligent, self motivated, genuine and sensitive person. No matter what he keeps in of sad feelings, he manages to spread his positive energy so as to carry on hard working long hours of rehearsals, therefore putting everyone in a good mood. As the front man of the band, Amir enjoys a good rapport with the crowd. Once on stage he becomes a totally different person. He has the ability to reach people's hearts in an instance. When he sings he sings straight from the heart.

This "Acoustic Project" is a side of him being a member of Cairokee Band, he will try through it to show more of his thoughts in a simple way with his Guitar.

Il a composé et enregistré cette chanson six jours avant le début de la révolution égyptienne,  Sakteen Sakteen (Rester silencieux):

«Nous voyons bien nos erreurs et nos problèmes/ Confinés au rôle d’observateur […] Nous marchons en longeant les murs/ Et le plus important est de bien rentrer à la maison […] Nous sommes silencieux, silencieux…»

Il travaille actuellement pour son premier album.