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Nader Guirat - The Jasmine's Calling

Nader Guirat - The Jasmine's Calling


Site web : http://www.nader-guirat.com
To download " The Jasmine's Calling " : http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/artist_songs/1227314

Composition : Nader Guirat 
Lyrics : Ramona 
Arrangement : Elyes Bouchoucha 
Orchestration : @ Studio Events " Tunis " 
Mix : @ Studio Events " Tunis " by Elyes Bouchoucha and Sofian Ben ayech 
Master : @ Color Sound " Paris "

Acoustic guitar : Nader Guirat 
Electric guitar : Malek Ben Arbia 
Bass : Anis Jouini 
Keyboards,Back vocals: Elyes Bouchoucha

Violins : 
Aymen Guedri 
Ilyes Ghourabi 
Anouer Jaiem

Alto: Aymen Guedri 
Cello : Amin Smida 
Nay : Kotaiba Rahali

Directed by Elyes Bouchoucha

Lyrics :

The jasmine's calling

They stole, they burned, they took our land 
And buried the innocent with a forcing hand 
They watched us suffer, they ripped our pride 
Living victims of their, unforgivable crimes 
No air to breathe, no voice to speak 
Dark shadows upon men blinding with every glance 

We heard the Jasmi...