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Mostafa Mezher - Eshta't / مصطفى مزهر - إشتقت

Mostafa Mezher - Eshta't / مصطفى مزهر - إشتقت


Mostafa Mezher (né le 1er août 1989) est un jeune chanteur libanais.

Mostafa Emad Mezher is a Lebanese talented young artist. He was born on August 1, 1989 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

At the age of 18, he returned to Lebanon, and lived with his sister in Beirut. He continued his studies in Business-Marketing at the Lebanese American University.

Mostafa attempted his first shot at singing in 2008 by participating in one of the most famous LBC talent shows, “Star Academy” in its 5th edition, Lebanon. This opportunity helped him to gain experience in arts in general, and singing in particular.

As a child he loved to sing though he did not have all the capabilities to do so, but as he grew up and spontaneously applied to Star Academy, his talent became his profession that he works on improving day after day.

Mostafa released his first single “ Msafer Ma Rah Erjaa” in 2009, which is written and composed by the scenario writer Firas Jubran.

His second single, “Sawbik Rayeh”, was released in 2010, which is written by Mounir Bou Assaf, composed by Hisham Boulos and arranged by Dani Helo.

His first video clip to be released is directed by Rindala Kudeih for the song, “Sawbik Rayeh”.

In 2011, his third single “Aala Hobak Ah” was released, which is written and composed by Salim Assaf, and arranged by Bilal Al Zein.

In March 2011, Mostafa recorded his own version of the old classic song, “Sit Al Habayeb”, on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

In December 2012, Mostafa released his new single "Shta2et" which is written and composed by Rami Chafei and arranged by Omar Sabbagh and the video clip was directed by Bashir Lagoussis.