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Mısırlı Ahmet

Mısırlı Ahmet



Ahmet Yıldırım dit Mısırlı Ahmet (qui signifie Ahmet l'Égyptien en turc) est un joueur turc de darbuka né en 1967 à Ankara. Il est de plus en plus connu dans le milieu des percussions du Moyen-Orient.

Il joue différents genres de musique et réalise des métissages aux influences indiennes, arabes, d'Amérique latine et du jazz. Outre son jeu aussi bien technique qu'artistique, il développe encore aujourd'hui une nouvelle école de jeu très performante, similaire aux frappes du tablâ indien : une vraie révolution pour le darbuka actuel, lui conférant de multiples nouveaux horizons.

Son école se situe à Istanbul, non loin de la tour de Galata.






Mısırlı Ahmet was born in 1963 in Ankara,Turkey.

He began to play darbuka (a kind of drum) when he was 17. There was not any musician in his family so he learned how to play drum by himself.He carried on his music life in Ankara until 1987. After a while , he went to France and worked out individually. While he was working ,he discovered his technique which he is using even now and he has improved it.After that he went to Egypt and he worked with famous and momentous musicians of the time.He recorded his first album “Oriental Dance and Percussion” (1992) there.He became very famous with his technique,sense of rythm,solos and his philosophy after he came to Istanbul and he accompanied a lot of musician in their albums and songs.After years he turned back to Egypt and he began to work on “Deholla” (the bigger one of darbuka) in Sina Desert.He created a new playing technique on deholla.After Sina Desert, he visited Spain and he decided to live there.In Spain he worked on flamenco style and he recorded two albums within two years.In this albums-“Mel de Cabra” (2000) and “The Search” (2001) he performed with Spanish,Jewish and Turkish musicians.Mısırlı Ahmet appeared in concerts in a lot of country in the world and almost all countries in Europe. In 2003 in Tunisia,within the Euro Med Medimusses project sponsored by European Union,he represented Turkey at a festival in which all percussionists from the Mediterranean Region joined and he aroused attention very much.After that in the album series which was recorded in honour of Mediterranean Great Masters,at the percussion branch,only Mısırlı Ahmet was worthy of recording a honorary album and with this album- “Natural Moments”- he was given “The Master ” degree.In 2006 Mısırlı Ahmet was awarded “the Leardership Summit Prize” which is given by Eduplus annually.


Darbuka used to take apart in the orchestra as an ordinary instrument until Misirli Ahmet got it.However darbuka became as instrument that can exhibit its own resital with Misirli Ahmet.There wasn’t any schools of darbuka.It was a dream but this dream is coming true with him.In this academy Misirli Ahmet who made darbuka one of the significant instrument at the world musical platform , aims at educating new masters for darbuka and the other percussion instrument. What are you going to find in the academy? In this academy , you can learn Misirli Ahmet’s original technique and his compositions and exhibit your performance at the concert which is supposed to be done at the end of the education period.Furthermore you will take your certificate as you complete the education. “If science is figuring out the secrets of the universe,rythm is the figuring out the secrets of life.”Misirli Ahmet who solved the codes of rythm and its effects on human’s psychology and how to look the life in a positive manner, will show the way how to use rhythm as a therapy in the education. Education There is four fundamental categories in Misirli Ahmet Rhythm Acadedmy. 1st Category: Activities for people who loves rhythm but unfortunately haven’t played any instruments yet. 2nd Category: Activities for people who play a musicial instrument and want to improve it to the degree of well-experienced. 3rd Category: Activities for professional musicians entitled “Master Class” 4th Category: Activities for people who are looking for his or her self-possession,harmony and own rythm. Besides,we all will enjoy with the workshops and boutique concerts which are performed by the famous and momentous percussionists all around the world.

Rythm is equilibrium and harmony.Create your own rhythm to find your self-possession and harmony and free happiness inside you. Best wishes to get together at the center of rhythm.