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Lassaad Sendy

Lassaad Sendy


Lassaad Sendy est un jeune chanteur musicien tunisien né le 13 mars 1981. Originaire de Sfax, il vit et travaille actuellement à Poznan, en Pologne.
Autodidacte le jeune Lassaad a débuté à jouer de la 
musique à l'âge de 12 ans (guitare)! Il continue son cursus à l'Institut Supérieur de Musique de Sfax, en Tunisie pour étudier l'art de la guitare classique! Dans sa petite carrière il a eu l'opportunité d'avoir 10 participations au Festival de la Médina de Sfax en 2006 et en 2008 ; plus que 20 concerts avec le concours de « la maison de France ».

En 2010, il sort un titre intitulé un jour je te raconterai.

Lassaad Sendy was born March-13-1981, at Sfax, Tunisia. He started to learn guitar by himself when he was 12 years old. Immediately, he figures out that Classical Style suits him very well ! Afterward, he sank into that universe, worked hard, started to make some shows, and finally entered the Musical Institute in Sfax,to study & perfect. his Classical playing, with Dr Haythem Chakroun. At this time, he became aware to others Style like Jazz, Variations and mostly Flamenco and also begin to sing. With some musician friends, he formed a band, and made some various shows with the help of "La Maison de France Sfax", performing famous songs, and also some of his own. From now on, he revealed himself as Author & Composer. By the way, he played in well known Hotels in every town in Tunisia, like Hammamet, Djerba, Sousse,Tozeur, etc...and made performances on TV and radio shows, and Festivals like "Festival de la Medina". Step by step, fate offered him the opportunity to participate in the Flamenco Festival Guitar "Duende" in Poznan, Poland and some others shows there.

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