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Kyla - "Beautiful Days"

Kyla - "Beautiful Days"


Kyla - Philippine's Soul Princess : songwriter, producer, TV host and her forte in singing is R&B.
She's one of the Philippine's awarded singer, at the age of 10 she have been joining in many prestigious competitions. 
She's the first Filipino to won the prestigious MTV Music Video Awards for Southeast Asia in her single "Hanggang Ngayon" in 2001. She has collaborated some international singers such as Keith Martin, British boy-band BLUE, Ronan Keating, Fra Lippo Lippi and many others.
She has release 8 albums to date, and all of which are certified Platinum albums.
With one of her most popular song "Beautiful Days", a song of love (and had been sung as her wedding song), originally written by herself with her experience in love. Released in 2006. (By Fille Ragon)