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Kamil Chamoun - Helwe Ktir / كميل شمعون - حلو كتير

Kamil Chamoun - Helwe Ktir / كميل شمعون - حلو كتير


Kamil Chamoun is a young singer with a promising future not only in Lebanon but also the region. His powerful voice that enables him to reach high notes as well as his ability to master oriental songs will give the audience what they were longing for, a true Lebanese Voice. 
Kamil Chamoun was born in Sin El Fil, Beirut on November 7, 1987; he is originally from Sar3in al tahta, Baalback. Kamil is the first born of a family that has always appreciated arts and music. 
Since his early childhood Kamil has showed a great interest in music and singing and a real potential. Through the support of his family and especially his father Tony Chamoun, who is also in the music field, Kamil was able to develop and improve his talent. He was always encouraged by his teachers to participate in musical and singing festivals, these experiences once again proved his talent and the strength of his voice since he was always well received and admired by the audience. 

Kamil worked in Banking and finance after achieving his Degree in business management and accounting. Meanwhile he was committed to his singing career hence seeking the mentorship of the best teachers to master his ability in Solfaige, vocalize and Oud. Kamil was always driven by his passion in singing yet he never jeopardized his need to learn and improve his skills.
Wadih Al Safi and Fairuz gained a special place in Kamil’s singing career; their songs influenced his musical growth and development. 
His first single “Helwe Ktir”, released in August 2012 and filmed as a video clip is the first step so that the wider audience can be introduced to a young singer who believes that Lebanese music is an art that stems from passion and effort.