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Iwan - "Adini Gambak" / إيوان - أدينى جمبك

Iwan - "Adini Gambak" / إيوان - أدينى جمبك

Iwan est un chanteur Libanais né le 17 août 1980 à Sayda. Cette chanson est intitulée « Adini Gambak » est chantée en dialecte égyptien et produite par Melody TV…Une chanson où sont mélangés plusieurs styles musicaux comme la pop, ou encore le latino !

Iwan is a well known Lebanese singer born on August 16th, 1980 in Sayda, Lebanon.
In 2003, Iwan started his own solo singer, he released his first single “Oul Inshallah” which had a huge success in the Middle East and introduced Iwan to the Arabic public as a talented singer. His debut album, “Albi Sahran”, was released in November 2004 under Melody Music production.
Iwan started singing at school and university. After performing his military service, he started composing songs for other singers like Bassima, Fares Karam, Carole Samaha, Reeda, Ghadi, Nisreen, Maria, and Nora Rahal. Later in 2003, he wrote the lyrics of his first song, “Oul Inshallah”, which is the remake of “Deste Mou Ta Matia” by the Greek singer Despina Vandi, then he shot his first video clip for this song with Lebanese director Walid Nassif, the song became one of the biggest hits in the Middle East in that year and introduced Iwan as a new image in the Arab pop scene.

In 2004, Iwan released his second single, "Zanby Ehi?", the song was written and composed by Iwan himself and increased his success especially in Egypt. later in November 2004, he released his debut “Albi Sahran” with two singles from it, "Albi Sahran" and "Ahlan Wa Sahlan".Iwan won the platinum record for the sales of this album, and won at the same year the Arabian Music Awards that was held in Dubai for the best new Arab male artist over all.