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Bottom Percussion 2 by Patax

Bottom Percussion 2 by Patax



Some have already said this might be the band that the fusion scene in Europe was waiting for..
Very few times in Spain its been seen a percussionist assuming the leading roll and the composers seat of a jazz band.. Jorge Pérez, with both american and spanish citizenships, a mostly self taught drummer and percussionist until he graduated from Berklee College of Music, presents a fascinating new mix where Flamenco, Latin Jazz, Funk and contemporary
fusion go by hand with outstanding knowledge of each of their roots. For this quest he has put together an exceptional band, featuring some of the best musicians of a new generation in each seat.

Pocas veces se ha visto en nuestro país a un percusionista asumiendo el papel de líder y compositor de una banda de jazz. Jorge Pérez, de doble nacionalidad española y americana, autodidacta toda su vida y ampliando, posteriormente, su conocimiento en el Berklee College of Music,
nos presenta una interesante propuesta que fusiona el latin Jazz, el funk, y el flamenco con verdadero conocimento de causa.
Inspired in fusion greats like Weather Report, Corea ́s Electric Band, Herbie Hancock or Zawinul and directly influenced by the Jazz of Irakere, Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, Hermeto Pascoal and Paco de Lucía, this projects takes fusion to a new place, where a communion between flamenco and afrocuban folklore is the key ingredient of a complex and magical recipe.

Inspirados en los grandes de la fusión como Weather Report, La Electric Band de Corea, Herbie Hancock o Zawinul e influenciados por el jazz de Irakere, Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, Hermeto Pascoal o Paco de Lucía, este proyecto propone llevar la fusión a un nuevo lugar, donde una comunión entre el flamenco y el folclore afrocubano es el mágico nexo de unión.

Faire de la musique avec des fesses, c’est possible