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Anass Habib

Anass Habib


Anass Habib was born in Fez (Morocco) on October the 17th of the year 1980 under the civil name of Anass Azami Hassani. He is the youngest of eleven brothers and sisters.
His singing ambitions showed at the early age of 5, when he sang classical Arabic melodies together with his family. He gave his first solo concert in Fez at the age of 12.
Anass lived in Syria for two years, where he did research into medieval and pre-medieval songs of the churches of the middle east in Arabic, Aramaic and Greek languages. He took lessons from the composer Said Qoteb (Damascus), and the singers Safouan Abed and Ahmed Kaddah (both from Aleppo).
Anass gave many concerts in Morocco, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Tunesia.
In Morocco he gave concerts in most of the bigger cities. Just to name a few:  Ifran, Meknes, Mirleft, Rabat, Tifelt, Tanger and, of course, Fez, which always remained an important centre of activities for Anass.