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Al Ekhwa

Al Ekhwa

Al Ekhwa est un groupe musical formé au Bahreïn en 1986.

Albums studio

Al Bahria(1987)

Al Ekhwa(1988)

Al Ekhwa(1989)

Al Ekhwa(1990)

Al Bariha(1991)

Al Ekhwa(1992)

Esh gad Ahebech(1993)

Al Hejran(1993)

Al Ekhwa (1994)

Sadegeny (1995)

Jamal Al Koon(1996)


Classic Al Ekhwa(1998)

Ya Sahebi(1999)

Al Deera(2000)


Ana Astahil(2001)

Asa Khair (2002)

Amer Tedalel(2003)

Al Ekhwa(2003)

Dam Al Oyoon(2005)

Garamyat Al Ekhwa(2005)

Mowaweel Al Shoog(2009)

Membres du groupe

Ali Bahar – lead vocals, guitar and organ (1986–present)

Khalid Al-Thawadi – lead guitarist and backing vocals (1987–present)

Essa Bahar – bass guitar (1986–present)

Sultan Salem – conga (1986–present)

Wajeeh Hassan – drums (1996–present)

Anciens membres

Ibrahim Al-Thawadi – drums (1986–1995)

Nader Rafeei – percussion (1986–1992)

Abdullah Al-shorogi – organ (1996–2002)


Ali Bahar is a famous musician from Bahrain. He is known for singing in the local Bahrain dialect of Arabic. He plays with his band, called "Al Ekhwa".

Ali Bahar is the lead singer Of His Band. Growing up in Muharraq, Bahrain ( precisely in Al-Binali neighborhood ), he was influenced by the 60s and 70s musical revolution, as well as reggae. Living in a cosmopolitan country with a diverse community, he got introduced into different genres of music, which encouraged him to learn playing many instruments, The guitar in the lead.

Ali Bahar alongside with his lifetime friend Khalid Al-Thawadi ( Asia's best guitarist in 2001 ), his brother Essa Bahar, accompanied by many other members who were constantly in and out of the Band, as well as his cousin Wajeeh, his friends Sultan and Nader Harvested many successes locally and regionally, and established their reputation as Bahrain's best Band.

Al Ekhwa band is considered to be the largest spreading band in the Gulf and the Arabic World. The Band First got established in the Seventies (1971-1972) under the name "Al Sakhra" (The Rock). In the year 1986, They changed The Bands name Officially to "Al Ekhwa al Bahrainiya". The band style in music was sad, influenced by the eastern music, which the audience loved and enjoyed. The Band up to now released 25 Albums till the 2005 Album "Dam' al Ayon".