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Babade Club

Babade Club

Salaam, peace !

Our concept is based on afro-roots live and sampled music for today's urban ears. Babade club consists in a combination of live performers (2 musicians & a dj) , sometimes mc's or singers.
Our dj-musician Dr Knubele (Balir) records our musicians and loops them and/or samples from traditional or jazz music.

We, Balir, Bahae 'ddine and Dema are producers and artistic producers.

We experiment and research in order to produce and improvise a new pulse connected to African alive roots and others pulsed musics which celebrate life and the Alive (jazz, afro-beat, flamenco, ancient european, arabian, asian, transe and extatic tradions like sufi and others...).

We hope and create in a no-time and no-space mind of brotherhood with others artists, for all the available ears and souls. Dema is also a painter and artist moving himself through hip-hop universe. His work is linked to calligaphy, tradition and contemporaneity.


Dr Knubele performs on three platines as a producer-dj/artist, cuts, scratches, mixes, improvises and creates tunes. He manages from minimalism to hardcore and plays on korean "django" percussion.

Axel Gilain plays since ten years as a "contrebass" (jazz...) and bass (almost with his reggae band SUNROCKERS) musician, jamer, improviser and stayed several times monthes to learn, perform, and record with the Gnawas of Essaouira (Morocco), and in Mali.

Ahmed Khaili is a percussionist (derbuka, bendir, tar, riqq, tbal...) specialised in arabic classical, popular and arabo-andalusi music, rythms and taqsims (impros).

He performed in Europe in many places and in Africa with many and various musicians (Arabic, jazz, classical, contemporaneous...).

I, Bahae'ddine get more involved in concept, research (sounds in their historical, political and civilization backrounds), and artistic production. Babade 's ambition is to build a new relationship between producer-artists and ears among reconciliated citizens with their roots and essential rythms.