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NÄD MIKA * Punk, art, trashqueen.

NÄD MIKA * Punk, art, trashqueen.


What would happen if Lords of Acid, Grace Jones, KMFDM, and New Order collectively donated their DNA to create a new pop-punk-electro-trash German dance diva? The delightfully dirty results from such an experiment would undeniably be Näd Mika and way of mixing sounds of the past and the future.

Nad Mika's pounding techno beats mixed with thrashing guitars and tacky lyrics are a uniquely stimulating musical experience. Nad Mika's sound is familiar, yet fresh to the contemporary club world. Her blatantly gay-friendly lyrics and excessive condoning of all things sexually devious are not new to club music, but her blending of house beats and 80s punk screaming should be embraced in any progressive dance club.

WARNING! As Nad Mika lyrically vomits sexual innuendos in an absurdly stereotypical German accent, listeners may inexplicably find themselves dancing naked in front of mirrors while smearing whip-cream on their roommates. Nad Mika is entertaining, refreshing, and scandalous. She and her posse welcome listeners with open hand-cuffs to their fabulously trashy world.

Since 6 years now Näd Mika rocks and shocks underground clubs and stages all around Europe.
Madrid, Stockholm, Budapest, Mailand, Oslo, Berlin, Istanbul, the list of her gigs is long and everywhere she fires the raverocket in your ass.
Her brand new track “to the max” is like the soundtrack to her artistic life so far.
Some people are confused by her performance, some are freaking out.

Here is a little live video from 2010 to give you an impression:

Her sound range hits you by electropunk, 80s 90s and pop club.
Watch out!